Abbott & Wallace™ is a micro distillery in Downtown Longmont, Colorado. Two best friends established the craft distillery to carry on their late parents’ spirits and pay homage to all those who came before us. Compassion and gratitude for their southern roots is soaked and smoked into the grains from which they make their Colorado Whiskey. It is also brazed and blazed into the copper from which they built their Alembic Stills. They begin with Longtucky™ Spirits, a fun play on their personalities and lovely new home town in Colorado. The Longtucky Lounge features a variety of artisan spirits and craft cocktails created from customized local ingredients. As their barrels mature, Abbott & Wallace will release a Single Malt Whiskey and a Caribbean Style Rum. These flagship spirits pay homage to the parents who taught them the value of making the small moments in life matter, surrounded by the smiling faces of those you love. So saddle up next to someone who matters to you, pour a glass of the good stuff, and make some memories of your own.

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